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what we're good for

when success is your only option

Started in 2003, the Ravetto Group, llc, has served clients in the public & private sectors.  We become active partners with one goal in mind.  We help you succeed.   We work with all sizes of organizations, both for- & nonprofit, as well as, government and advocacy groups. Our team ranges from well-seasoned savvy doers to fresh thinking change-agents.

when you need us

Increase your external relevance | Heighten your profile | Move a cause or issue forward | Build or expand your constituency | Need the ear of government | Cross into another sector | Develop &/or manage a project | Need social media &/or traditional writing services  

when we're retained

We become the heart of your team.  Large or small, all of our clients get our full attention.  As for fees, we'll just say no matter who you are you can afford us.  All initial assessments are free.  If we aren't right for you, we'll not only tell you, we will help you find a resource that better serves your needs.

who we tend to hear from

small to large businesses | communities | healthcare facilities | nonprofit organizations & philanthropies | governments | elected officials | candidates running for office | cause & issue groups & coalitions | start-ups & long-timers | those in transition | senior executives who need an unencumbered confidential ear | those who need a robust social media presence | those who need quality traditional writing | those who need a diplomat that can build bridges, collaborations & coalitions

a breath of fresh thinking

What we do

reputation management

Our strategies ensure that your brand, organization, you & your employees are viewed in the most positive light.  Our services cover everything from staff [off-hours] external relations to placing you in relevant professional & social circles.

issue & cause marketing

Got an issue or a cause you want to become relevant to a larger constituency?  We do that.  From grassroots to walking the halls of Congress we move social, business & civic issues forward.  

increase relevance

Not engaged at the right levels of decision &/or policy making?  We can handle that.  We get you at the right tables and make sure you are engaged at the right level and at the right time.  We believe a proactive position is far better than a reactive one.


Need to influence government?  Whether it is local, state or the gang in D.C. we'll get your message heard and hold elected officials accountable. 

program development & management

Need to address an unmet need or fill a void?  We develop special and sustainable projects that get results.  We can manage it.  We also manage projects already developed.  Both short & long term.

social media & traditional writing services

We love writing newsletters, blog content, tweets, articles, white papers and grants.  Engage us and you'll never again worry about your newsletter being late or your website being out-of-date. 

sectors we've worked

human & social services | healthcare | mental health

government & government agencies | issue campaigns | public policy

philanthropy | corporate giving

building & managing coalitions & collaborations

start-up companies & nonprofits | retail & service companies

arts & culture | historic landmarks | tourism & attractions

dare to re-emerge

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Our history

Where we started

The Ravetto Group, llc was formed in 2003 by Gary Ravetto and William Sutton on beautiful Lake Martin just outside of Montgomery, Alabama.  "It was the most beautiful & peaceful place that fostered clear and creative thinking," says Gary, a Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania native. "We were unencumbered by the noise & distractions of urban life." 

Why we started

At the time much was happening in public policy, healthcare, the nonprofit sector and philanthropy.  With senior level experience in all of these arenas, we offered a unique perspective & set of skills no others had. We had folks come to us asking for our input, guidance and leadership.  Hence, the Ravetto Group was born.

Unlike most boutique firms

Most boutique consulting & outsource firms tend to start off with small clients and move upward.  That was not the case for us.  Our first round  of clients were a cabinet level federal agency, a major medical school, one of the largest national philanthropies, a national healthcare policy & membership association along with several newly formed health conversion foundations.  We quickly spent more time at airports than at our restful lakeside homebase.

Became known as strategists, consensus & coalition-builders

Frankly, we took opportunities that came our way and ran with it.  We didn't have a thoughtout plan or a vision statement for our firm.  What we noticed was clients were coming to us to develop systemic strategies to address complex issues.  Those who didn't know us would ask, "what exactly is it that you do?"  They expected a response like, "We are a marketing or PR, or project management firm."  The truth was we were, well, sort of.  Finally, our canned response was "We are strategists & consensus-builders."  

What we finally evolved into

With the days on lush Lake Martin far behind us, the Ravetto Group has refined itself into a firm the presents itself as specialists in reputation management, issue & cause marketing, advocacy, external positioning, increasing clients' external relevance, project development & management, and finally social media and traditional writing services. 

The kind of client we like

We'll admit after all of these years we've gotten picky about who we work with.  We want clients who have a driving passion to achieve their goal, to grow for the common-good.  We love dynamic organizations eager to move forward, and welcome those who need a fresh perspective and,  borrowing from the lyrics of a popular Patti LaBelle song, "a new attitude!"